Friday, March 11, 2011

Angels also live on Earth!

And God has sent one our way! I have felt as if me and Sophia are all alone. I've read many stories about other mothers and their babies with Anencephaly. But it doesn't seem as if any of them are from the here and now. These stories are truly touching. Especially the stories of Carleigh Mckenna and Faith Hope. I find myself reading their stories alot. But at the same time I had wished I could find someone who was going through the same thing right now. Not that I would wish something like this on my own worst enemy. But someone for me to talk to. Someone who can relate to the way I'm feeling right now and someone who is feeling the exact same way as I am, at the moment.

Well, God must've known I was looking for someone to relate to. She contacted me on Cafemom today. I hate to say it, but I was feeling a bit relieved. Finally someone I could talk to. Someone else to take this long journey with us. Come to find out, her baby was diagnosed with Anencephaly 1 day before Sophia. So it turns out that the day the doctors "suspected" that something was wrong with Sophia, another mom was receiving the same news I received the next morning.

Coincidence? Possibly. I'm just happy to know that this woman read my post and contacted me. Hopefully we can become each others shoulders to cry on.

As for the other moms who have already experienced this, what did you find was the easiest way to cope? I seem to be having a hard time even beginning to cope. I cry myself to sleep nightly. I sit here all day just waiting for a kick from Sophia, so that I know she's still with us and to know she's okay. I continue to pray to God for a miracle. If He can't change her condition, I hope He can atleast give us more then a couple minutes together. I'd love to be able to bring Sophia Grace home, so we can spend some quality time with her as a family, outside of the hospital.

Most of all Lord, thank you for sending this woman and her baby my way. I think this is what me and Sophia needed. Someone who can relate to us right now.

To Carleigh and Faith's mommies, your stories were very touching. Thank you for sharing them with the world. And to all the other moms of anencephalic babies, I can't wait to read your stories as well. They pretty much nail things right on the head as to what I should expect in the coming months. God bless you all!!

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