Our Birth Plan

Dear Medical Staff:

Sophia has been diagnosed with anencephaly. We understand that our baby's diagnosis is terminal. The love we have for our child compels us to treasure every moment of her life. Your compassion and understanding during this bittersweet time is deeply appreciated. We believe that the memories and interactions with our daughter will console us.

We understand that situations may arise that were not anticipated and decisions will need to be made. We simply ask that you keep us informed so we can participate in decisions, keeping in mind what is best for Sophia.

We understand there is always a possibility that Sophia may be delivered at an unplanned location. Protocols and available resources in this situation may vary. The importance of carrying a copy of this plan is understood. We hope that this birth plan will be a useful tool for our providers but understand that, ultimately, parental communication with medical providers is essential in ensuring that wishes are adhered to, if overlooked.

Thank you for your care and support. Please accept any changes to the following requests as we feel are necessary.

Details of Birth Plan

Time with Sophia may be very brief and we would like the opportunity to enjoy each moment fully therefore please consider the following:

Medication for Mother During Labor
  • Medication during labor should be in doses to provide maximum comfort while remaining alert.
Tabitha will discuss this with the medical team in a consult made by MFM.

Fetal Monitoring
  • No fetal monitoring
Parents are unsure as of right now, if they would desire to listen for heart tones before delivery.
  • Inform parents if baby's heart beat stops before birth
  • Ultrasound, if possible, prior to birth

Birth of Infant
  • We would like to cut the cord
Angel desires to do this, if possible.
  1. Cord samples for chromosome testing.
Comfort Measures
  • No resucitation
  • Suctioning
  • No intubation
  • Swaddled
Please place hat on Sophia before giving to parents.
  • Handed to family
Please hand Sophia directly to Angel.
  • Keep infant in mother's room until requested otherwise.
  • Parents to feed infant
We understand Sophia may not be able to suck or swallow
  • Comfort drops of breast milk.
  • Parents to bathe infant
  • Parents to dress infant
  • Parents to change infant's diaper
  • Infant to be baptized/blessed by Father Adrian
  • Contact the hospital chaplain
Upon admission, contact the hospital chaplain and request that they contact Father Adrian. (Phone number given in birth plan)
  • Memorial/Funeral plans made with Lucas Funeral Home of Shamokin, PA
  • Bereavement materials welcomed
  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep referral made to Kathy Diggan
  • Do not release baby from hospital until Tabitha is discharged
  • Angel would like to remain in DR until Tabitha returns to her room